About PaintSmith Plus - Raleigh NC

Trusted Painters in Dallas TX

PaintSmith Plus ranks as one of the Best Painters in Dallas. We have been trusted by thousands of homeowners and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The owner of the company, Alex, is committed to providing his customers with superior customer service, exquisite results, and a sense of confidence that PaintSmith Plus is a company that can be trsuted and relied upon for all of your painting needs. We offer an outstanding FIVE YEAR WARRANTY, so you can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to make sure your project lasts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does someone have to remain home while the painting is being done?

No, in fact most people are not home during the day and arrangements can be made in advance to accommodate your schedule.

2. How many painters will be in my home?

While every job is different normally you can expect a crew of 2-3 painters.

3. How is my furniture protected during painting?

After moving the furniture into the middle of the room it will be covered in plastic. All floors will be protected by canvas drop cloths and plastic.

4. How do I choose the right painting company?

When you have any work performed on your most valuable asset (your home), you want to make sure you have a professional working on it. Here are a couple of questions to ask: Are you licensed and insured and can I see proof? Do you offer a written guarantee on your work? Can you provide me with any references of past work you have done? Is there a detailed description of the work I would like done? When do you plan on starting and finishing?

5. Is there a big difference between using a flat, eggshell, gloss or high gloss finish?

Yes. The difference can be a big one depending on the surface and area that you are preparing to paint.

6. How can I be certain that I will like the color I have picked out?

We provide complimentary color consultations with one of our color experts for all of our clients.

7. Why do I need a professional painter?

Painting is not the hardest thing in the world to do. Almost anyone can paint a wall but there are things that you may want to ask yourself before you decide: Do I really want to sacrifice all the extra time I do have to paint? Do I have all the proper equipment which would include ladders, brushes, rollers, drop sheets, etc.? Can I paint very well? PaintSmith Plus can help you with every step in painting. From choosing a color to applying it on the wall, we are the definition of professional. We guarantee quality work and client satisfaction.

8. Can I paint over wallpaper?

It is possible to paint over wallpaper but highly inadvisable. Once painted over it makes the wallpaper that much more difficult to remove when the paper begins to peel. Wallpaper is difficult to remove yourself, but with a trained painting professional, the job looks much easier. We use an industrial strength steamer to remove the paper, and after the paper is gone, skim coating and hole patching is often required. Of course sanding and priming prior to painting over the removal area is necessary too. This can all be done very efficiently, since our crews are accustomed to performing this type of work.

9. Do you offer any type of warranty?

Yes. We offer an industry leading 5-year warranty on all of our work.