PaintSmith Plus Testimonials

Hoang N.

"Hired Al's team to paint some custom new built-ins for our new house. Communication with my wife was very timely and came when they said they would. The team that came to the house spent almost a full day just making sure all the areas were taped, covered, and section off from getting any paint residue. I appreciate the attention to detail on making sure the prep was done properly before the actual painting. The painting itself turned out wonderful and we are very happy with the finish and quality of the work. I won't hesitate to hire Al's team again for any paint work."

Brandon D.

"Good job, good price. Handled the whole thing over the phone while I was at work. Even paid online. Couldn't have been easier."

Pamela D.

"Alex's team painted the back quarter of my house which consists of two bedrooms a full bath and a hallway. They were very efficient and neat. Did a beautiful job using two different colors one for the walls and a gorgeous cream color for the wood work. I am HAPPY! Cool guy."

Amanda G.

"PaintSmith Plus painted some interior walls in my home and they really made my house feel more like my home. They're professional and precise and worth every cent. I will definitely recommend them to family & friends."

Brenda A.

"We had PaintSmith Plus service the exterior of our rental property. He made it so easy for us to complete each step without the necessity of driving out to any location. From the estimate, to paying for his services it seemed like the most effortless project we have done on the home. I highly recommend his services. Our rental property looks more appealing thanks to the great paint job. Alex was so helpful during the whole transaction and the project turned out really great. Even after the work was completed he was fully available."

Elizabeth T.

"Alex and his team were extremely professional! They painted two bedrooms and a hallway for us, and they turned out great! I was also impressed with how quickly they were able to finish the project, saved us a ton of time!! :)"